5 Reasons Every Nutritionist Should Know Their Client Avatar

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The ancient Greeks said, “Know thyself.” But I say, “Know thy client avatar.”


Creating a client avatar is an admittedly overwhelming part of every business class or marketing workshop. With the help of an avatar worksheet, entrepreneurs are directed to come up with details about someone they’ve never met out of thin air.

We’re told that this theoretical person is very, very important.

We must know who this person is! We must pick a niche! We must not offer our services to everyone! OVERWHELMING.

But here’s the reframe that will make this marketing Rubik’s cube a little less complicated: knowing your client avatar will make your life easier.


Your client avatar is the eager audience member you’ll be writing to on your website and blogs. They’re the lovely person to sign up for all your classes and sit in the front row. And ultimately, they’re the engine behind every business decision, marketing move, or sales pitch you create. 

As health and wellness professionals, we need to learn as much as possible about our ideal client avatar, aka ideal client, prospective client, or dream client.

What is their biggest problem in health and in life? What gives them hope? What are they afraid of?

And even small details like, where do they shop? What tea do they like to drink?

We should know as many details as possible about our ideal avatar before making the first business decision or writing the first blog.

But why does the client avatar matter so much?


Your ideal avatar matters because your marketing will be designed just for them. But this is abstract. What does that actually mean?

Earlier I said that knowing your client avatar will make your life easier, and I wasn’t lying.

If you’ve ever sat down to write a blog, create a YouTube video, send out a newsletter, post on social media, speak at a referral group, or *deep inhale* choose the words for your homepage, then you may have come up against the question of, “what do I freaking write?!”

If you’ve done the background work of figuring out who your avatar is, this question is answered.

You write and create content that will solve your client avatar’s problems, answer her questions, and inspire her.


That’s it. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

Is your ideal avatar’s most significant problem that she can no longer enjoy going out with friends because her food reactions are so severe? Her wine nights are nixed, and she’s isolated, lonely, rashy, and bloated.

Tell her how to fix this so she can get her social life back.

Is your ideal avatar’s biggest problem that she can’t get pregnant? And you’ve also struggled with infertility?

Share your struggle in your story, and let her know she’s not alone.

Is your ideal avatar a middle-aged mom raising her two kids and taking care of her elderly parents and super sad because she no longer has time to work out or focus on herself?

Give her fitness solutions that fit her busy, stressful schedule.

Y’all. This is the magic of knowing your client avatar.


You no longer have to guess about what to write. What to post on social. What paid ads or keywords you want to feature.

Once you understand who this person is, you can focus all your business offerings and marketing efforts just on them. And you end up with a practice full of satisfied, happy clients who love working with you (and refer you to all their friends).


Reason #1: More people will read your blogs (and visit your website)


How many blogs have you written that sit there gathering dust—no comments, no visits, no increase in your client base?

When you start publishing blogs that speak to the needs of your ideal client avatar, your website comes alive. People engage with you because they feel seen and understood, and they want to learn more. Ultimately, you end up with more visits to your website and more clients.


Reason #2: More people will watch (and share) your YouTube videos


YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet, right behind Google. So people searching for and watching your videos is a good thing for your business.

Create videos that answer your client avatar’s biggest questions: what do I eat to stop bloating? What causes infertility? How can I work out while taking care of my kids and my parents?


Reason #3: Your newsletter open rate will go through the roof


Use your newsletter to announce cool things happening on your site—new blogs, updated classes, or a fun quiz that will serve your ideal avatar.

This way, your newsletter is attractive to the people you’re marketing to, and it will lead them back to your website so they can read your awesome content.


Reason #4: Your referral rate will also go through the roof


The biggest fear of speaking to a specific person or niche is that you’ll miss out on all the other people.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Consider walking into a room and saying, “Hi, everyone!”  No one responds.

But if you walk into a room and say, “Hi Steph and John!” they respond and introduce you to their friends.

This is precisely what happens when focusing on your ideal avatar. You focus on them, they feel amazing, they tell their friends.


Reason #5: Your homepage gets a glow-up and helps you make money


Writing your homepage can feel intimidating. But the trick is to see your homepage through the eyes of your client avatar.

What’s the first message they want to see? What do they want to read and know more about? What will make them feel welcomed and establish trust?


Do you need support with your client avatar?


If you can’t shake the overwhelm, don’t despair! I’m here to help you nail down your ideal avatar and move forward with confidence.

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