Quick Whole Food Breakfast Ideas

Quick Whole Food Breakfast Ideas


Are you in dire need of some quick, whole food breakfast ideas?

We have all eaten breakfast while blow drying our hair or had half a granola bar hanging out our mouth while tying our shoes.


I know, because I’ve been in a hurry, too.  Kids, work, owning a business, coaching early morning softball, helping a friend move….we all have great excuses for why we eat breakfast in a rush, or skip it altogether.

Ideally we’d sit down and eat (and chew chew chew) in a calm, collected state.  But that’s not real life.  Quick bites of egg between getting kids dressed is real life.

So, here’s some easy suggestions.  Lots of foods are easy to prepare the night or even a few days before your busy weekday mornings.  And, I know you know, but it IS important to eat breakfast.  A yummy, savory (non-sweet) breakfast stabilizes blood sugar, revs up metabolism  (read weight loss) and keeps us from over-indulging with chocolate dipped Peeps later in the evening (like I said, I know you).  Not hungry in the morning?  Let’s talk – this is a sign of a deeper digestive issue.

1. A great savory breakfast is dinner from the night before.  Normally we eat veggies and meat for dinner, and then begin our day with a sweet oatmeal or cereal, fruit, etc.  This sweet breakfast spikes our blood sugar and stresses the pancreas, adrenals and liver.  So hold over a plate from dinner and begin the day with protein and good, healthy fats like butter, coconut or olive oil.

2. Eggtilla – I have a wonderful client who eats this EVERY morning.  Basically, it is an egg burrito with her favorite vegetables, usually chard and mushrooms, salsa, avocado, etc.  Sprouted corn tortillas from Ezekiel are great.

Victo breakfast

Do this every morning. You’ll feel better 🙂

3. Almond butter with sourdough toast.  I get organic sourdough or sprouted grain bread – and add lots of butter and a liberal sprinkle of pink or gray salt.

4. Sauteed spinach in coconut oil with sausage and fresh olive oil – fast and filling.  Also, it’s nice to make a little extra of this to bring to work for lunch.

5. Fresh tomatoes and scrambled eggs with sauteed bell peppers and onions.

6. Crustless Quiche – I do this when I get fresh eggs from a friend and have extras.  Lightly saute any vegetables you like in butter or ghee.  Add some salt and also spices that may be helpful for you, such as turmeric, milk thistle, or fennel.  In a separate bowl whip 10/12 eggs and a big dollop of fresh, whole cream.  Fill buttered casserole dish with veggies and pour egg/cream mixture on top.  Back at 350 degrees until you can smell the deliciousness coming from your oven….then stick a knife in to see if the egg is fully cooked.  Sprinkle on some yummy cheese and let it melt.  DONE!  And, it’s breakfast for a few days.  A kid favorite in our house.

7. Whole fat, plain yogurt with nuts and fruit, or nut butter mixed with raw honey.

8. Breakfast Pizza – Spread a slice of sourdough bread with butter and ricotta cheese, add slices of tomato or some chopped tomato, sprinkle with some olive oil and warm in dry pan – add crumbled bacon – delicious!

9. Boil a dozen eggs and keep them ready in your refrigerator – my go to fast breakfast.

10. Homemade broth with non-soy miso (chickpea miso) is fast and filling.  My affinity for homemade broth is no secret.  If you have a crock pot of this delicious medicinal food going then just ladle out a bowlful and add chopped green onions, or shiitake mushrooms and you have a great breakfast.