Offal Cooking Class

You want me to eat WHAT?!

cooking class

Yes, it’s true.  I often recommend that my clients eat (not awful) offal.

Offal are the organ meats and ‘leftovers’ of the animal – the liver, kidneys, heart, tongue, sacrum, bones, joints and marrow.

Why do I recommend this?

Offal, or organ meats, are the most nutrient rich parts of the animal, be it chicken, turkey, fish, pork, beef or lamb. They contain amazingly high amounts of vitamins A and D, unique amino acid profiles much different than the muscle meats we’re used to eating, collagen, chondroitin and hard to get minerals.

But, do they taste good??

Yes!  Most of us were never taught how to correctly cook these uncommonly good foods.  When properly prepared they are DELICIOUS!  And, that’s where the Not Awful Offal Cooking Class comes in.