Natural Cure for Allergies

Natural Cure for Allergies


If you’ve sneezed more than twice today, you need to read this.

There truly is a natural cure for allergies, and guess what?  It starts in the gut.

Although allergies come from a variety of sources, they have one commonality – the small intestine.  Although the eyes, sinuses, and lungs carry the burden of allergic exposure, the small intestine is the organ that leads to the sneezing, wheezing, and general snottiness of spring.  How can this be?

The small intestine is the seat of immunity in the body.  Although statistics vary, most practitioners agree that up to 80% of your immunity occurs in your guts, in places called Peyer’s Patches.  These are areas of lymph and concentrated immune cells that are employed when an unrecognized substance gets into the bloodstream.  We need to have an immune response to pollens, dust, and dander.  But an over response – think itchy eyes for days, sneeze after sneeze, or a hacking cough and runny nose – is a symptom of an overburdened small intestine, and overstressed body, in general.  So, what is the solution?

Don't be afraid - just heal your gut!

Don’t be afraid – just heal your gut!

The solution is to take the stress off of the small intestines, and create an immune system that can appropriately deal with the increasing pollen count.  Our digestive function must be tip top during the spring months in order to avoid allergic reactions.  Days of eating heavier hard-to-digest foods during the winter months, along with the onset of spring pollens creates the perfect immune storm.  We can use homemade bone broths for soups and cooking in order to help the body heal and clean the small intestine, liver, and kidneys.

We can also take advantage of all the wild greens that are currently growing – miner’s lettuce, chickweed, milk thistle, and cleavers.  These greens will give us needed roughage and whole food fiber to support digestion.  We can also use this easy acronym to avoid substances that compound allergies:  SNACCs is an easy way to remember sugars, nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, and excessive carbohydrates.  Eliminating these aggravating foods can greatly ease allergic symptoms.

If these simple changes don’t make a difference, it might be time for an allergy test.  Speak with a health care provider you trust to learn about the many different tests available for food allergy testing.

And, get outside and enjoy the sun!  Relaxation is the often forgotten master healer.  A healthy amount of sun will also pump up your lacking winter levels of vitamin D.

Happy Spring!