Liver Cleanse

Liver Cleanse


Curious to know how to do a liver cleanse with every bite?

I’m a big proponent of supporting the body to do what it’s supposed to do.  If our bodies are balanced through deep sleep, having enough fun and eating good food and drinking clean water, than there is usually no need for a liver cleanse.

milk thistle with words

But, we do live in a toxic world.  And many folks feel….bogged down.  Maybe they sit all day at work, or they commute and spend long hours in the car.  Eating well and drinking enough water don’t always take priority over getting the bills paid and taking care of our families.

There is a very easy solution!  One of the most simple ways to do a daily liver cleanse is with a beautiful herb called milk thistle.

Milk thistle contains an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant that helps to repair liver cells, as well as support kidney and gall bladder.  And, guess what?  It tastes good.  Milk thistle has a nutty flavor that goes great with all foods, both sweet and savory.

So, my favorite liver cleanse?  Using milk thistle!  In my kitchen the milk thistle is in all our food.  And Robert says he loves it.

I finely grind up milk thistle in a coffee grinder I have just for grinding herbs, or you can clean your coffee grinder out well to grind the milk thistle (or anything you want finely ground like herbs, nuts or seeds).

Then, I add equal parts milk thistle to my salt!  And that’s it!

Every time you use your salt, in any recipe or on any food, you are getting a great liver cleanse through the support of milk thistle.  And it tastes yummy, too.