How to Make Traditional Bone Broth and GAPS Broth

How to Make Traditional Bone Broth and GAPS Broth


Begin drinking broth as often as you can to heal the guts, immune system and chronic illnesses.  Get out your crock pot and get the broth cooking!

What’s the difference between bone broth and GAPS broth?  Read this.



Consider a clay crock pot from a company such as Vita Clay Natural Cooking, or a Les Creuset enamel pot for cooking on the stove.

Traditional bone broth

Take any bones (beef, lamb, chicken, fish, pork, etc.) and cover in water with a good dollop of fresh lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. The lemon juice or ACV is an acid that will assist in leeching the minerals out of the bones. I prefer a crock pot with hi, low, and warm options, like the one I mentioned above.

clay crock pot

If I am making beef bone stock, I use one knuckle bone and two marrow bones to approximately 8 quarts of water.
The knuckle bone is the big joint bone, and the marrow bone is the smaller, cylindrical bone.  I cook these bones in the oven on a baking dish at 415 degrees for about 15 minutes, before making them into stock.  This allows you to separate the marrow from the marrow bone (to use in other recipes, or add back to your finished broth), and it gives the beef stock a delicious flavor.

Initially, turn the crock pot up to high to bring to a boil, and then down to low to simmer at a rolling boil for approximately 12 hours.  You may need to add water so that the crock pot doesn’t go dry.  I usually wait until the broth is finished to add Celtic sea salt (makes it delicious) and freshly cracked pepper.  But, you can add any spices you like!

Before you eat, you can let the broth cool to de-bone any jerky meat, or you can simply add your veggies and pick the bones out of your soup. If you eat a bone that is soft enough to eat, that’s ok! You are getting the amazing minerals and gelatin, vitamins, fatty acids, proteins, etc. from the most available source in the world – bone broth has been eaten for CENTURIES and is the real super food.  

There are delicious recipes that can be made from the broth.  French onion soup is beef bone broth made into a fancy soup, and chicken soup is irresistible to almost everyone.  I especially like to add carrots and celery with parsley to my chicken soup.

b and b broth

GAPS broth

You can make a more simple broth, also with bone in meat. Simply simmer any bone in meat for 2-3 hours  (up to 8 hours) with Celtic sea salt and drink the nutritive broth, eat the meat, the gelatinous bits near the bone, and the healing fat.

This broth is not as hearty as bone broth, but it is the primary healing food for digestive disorders, chronic illness, and autoimmune disease, and developmental disorders.  Please refer to for more information on GAPS protocol.