Blood Tests Decoded

What is a functional blood reading?

It’s your blood test – decoded from medical gibberish into usable info 🙂

functional blood read

What is your blood test trying to tell you?

I offer functional blood readings that help you understand what is really going on in your body. This way of reading blood tests promotes wellness rather than exposing illness. I have studied with the father of functional medicine, Dr. Harry Eidenier, as well as Drs. Abbas Qutab, Datis Kharrazian, Wally Schmitt and Natasha Campbell-McBride. This study combined with my years of clinical experience help you discover an incredible amount about what you need to experience optimal health.

You must have a blood test completed from the past 12 months, or, I can order a test for you.

More about functional blood chemistry –

Functional blood chemistry is based on appropriate ranges for healthy populations…not on an average of values from our modern population – yes, it’s true.  Current lab ranges are based on an average of folks around you, not on optimal health.

For instance, the functional range of serum glucose is 80-95 mg/dL. The conventional range of serum glucose is 65-100 mg/dL. The smaller range seen in the functional value helps me to make sure that your blood sugar stays balanced according to current research on healthy individuals.

Functional ranges also allow me to find imbalances before my clients are considered ‘sick.’ Pathology isn’t a state that simply shows up one day out of the blue! There is a process of becoming sick, and narrowing the range of blood values allows me to find problems before they are considered a diagnosable disease.

And, functional blood chemistry involves looking at values that help me to see your full picture of health. I want to know if you have hidden anemia, if you have hidden thyroid issues, if you have issues with your immune system or digestion, if you are zinc deficient, have hormonal imbalance or inflammation. By looking at the full picture of many values I can see so much about what is needed to support you back to optimal health.

Functional means practical, and that is what functional blood chemistry truly is. It is a practical, logical way of reading your blood work so that your optimal function is supported.