Big Shit is Happening

Big Shit is Happening

I told my mom I was writing this blog and in perfect Kentucky fashion she said – “You can’t use a swear word on your website.”

But, big shit is happening, and I want to let you all know about it.

And, I want to give you some suggestions on shit.  Like, that kind of shit.  Just keep reading.   Sorry, mom.


First off, I started selling my protein powder.  We’re calling it Truly Healthy Clean Protein Powder, and, btw, it’s available at and local Sierra Nevada locations like HAALo in Nevada City, CA.

Now, those of you who have followed me through my journey of opening my nutrition practice know that the business side of running a business is not my forte’.  I like biochemistry and research papers and delish food – not so much keeping books and keeping track of sales tax.  Thankfully I have Robert’s help – Truly Healthy is our split project and he is taking care of the pesky numbers side of it so that I can focus on telling folks about this awesome powder.

I searched for this supplement for a long time, and when I couldn’t find it, I made it.  And then I made it for a long time before deciding to package it up all fancy and put it out there for real.  So, now it’s happening.  I’m knee deep in protein powder and loving it.

If you want to learn more about Truly Healthy Clean Protein, click here.  The site is getting spiffied up currently, but you can get all the basic info and place an order, if you’d like.


Other big news:  I’m going back to school and it’s official official.  Just this morning I got my pre-requisites approved and can move forward toward my Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from University of Western States in Portland.

No, I will not be moving.  Yes, I will be drastically cutting back on client load….I don’t want to, but it has to happen if I want to keep my hair and get this degree at the same time.  I’m keeping current clients, but will only be accepting a few new folks to work with until I’m officially mastered.


I was also just interviewed by the now ‘location independent’ Natural Professional Shawn Tuttle for her fantastic podcast, Authentic Success.  We talked about all the big, great shit that’s happening.  We also talked about just plain old shit.

Apparently constipation is a big problem for entrepreneurs.

For a few years I’ve had a great handout I give to clients called ‘Constipation Solutions.’  Shawn and I went through some of these solutions on her podcast.  And, I’m listing them below.  Take a deep breath, put down the coffee and … happy shitting.


Constipation Solutions

1. Supplementing a good source of magnesium may help: use amino acid chelates of magnesium as a daily supplement.   As a laxative you can use magnesium oxide only occasionally – this is what is in CALM magnesium.

2. Gradually increasing a pro-biotic intake, a very small amount at a time, until the bowels begin to move easily, much in the same fashion as magnesium.

3.  Have more cooked vegetables and gelatinous meats, and reduce muscle meats in your diet. Increase animal fat consumption with your meals.  Organ meats, y’all.  They are where it’s at.

4.  If you are currently eating dairy, replace yoghurt and kefir (high-protein dairy) with sour cream (high-fat dairy). Make the sour cream at home, preferably from raw cream, using yoghurt culture initially, then start using kefir culture. This alone helps many people to resolve constipation.

5.  Introduce fresh juicing – Make a fresh juice from a mixture of fruit and vegetables, 50% therapeutic and 50% tasty, and then whisk 1-2 raw eggs into it and a generous dollop of homemade sour cream, warmed coconut oil or coconut cream. This will make a delicious “milkshake”, which will provide you with magnesium and other substances that help the bowels move easily. Drink your GAPS milkshake first thing in the morning, about 20-30 minutes before breakfast. When making juice use high-magnesium fruit and vegetables, such as oranges, celery, apples, carrots, cabbage, beetroot and greens, 50% therapeutic (not so yummy) ingredients, and 50% yummy ingredients.  I do not do dairy, and I do not like the other fats in my GAPS milkshake.  So, I take a nice big spoonful of coconut oil and let it melt in my mouth, and then I drink my milkshake after that.

6. Eat cooked beetroot regularly, or drink beet kvass.

7. Avoid sweet vegetables, such as winter squashes for a few weeks.

8. Take HCl & Pepsin 1-2 capsules in the middle of your meals.

9. Try to take supplements of spirulina, blue-green algae, chlorella or dunaliella; many people find them very useful in resolving constipation.

10. If you have the energy to move during the day, this will help.  Perhaps this looks like taking a 5 minute walk in the morning.  Maybe you have the energy to go on a long run!  If you have an area where you can walk barefoot in wet grass, this is excellent stimulation of meridians on the feet.  Or, you can simply move around on your floor or in your bed.  I understand the feeling of deep fatigue – do not push yourself beyond your limit of energy.  Stay warm, feed yourself well, and eat for pleasure and nourishment.

11. One other note on constipation:  If you have not tried enema, this can be a wonderful relief for some people.  Also, for chronically constipated people, professional colon hydrotherapy can make a big difference.

12. Castor oil packs on the full abdomen with a hot water bottle.

13.  Are you dehydrated?  Dehydration can cause severe constipation.  Remember, don’t stimulate the colon with caffeine, lubricate it with water.