The Best Scrambled Eggs You’ve Ever Tasted

The Best Scrambled Eggs You’ve Ever Tasted


Seriously.  These are the best scrambled eggs you’ve ever tasted.  For real.

Most mornings I only have time to grab a hard boiled egg and a pinch of pink salt, but if I have a little extra time I love to treat myself to a slow breakfast.

I grew up in Kentucky on some Southern standards like fried chicken (or fried anything), collard greens and black eyed peas.  But, in my Deedee’s kitchen, the standard for breakfast was scrambled eggs.  The fluffiest, softest, melt in your mouth scrambled eggs I’ve ever tasted.

spicy scramble

This recipe is my California-ized version of hers.  I’ve substituted Natural Value coconut milk for the cream (if you’re not dairy free you can use non-ultra pasteurized cream for this recipe) and added in my kitchen spice blend, an ever changing blend of yummy medicinal and culinary spices that always lives next to my stove.  I add this spice blend to soups, to salads, to breakfasts…anything savory that needs a little oomph.  This house blend usually contains some well blended milk thistle, cumin, coriander, cilantro and thyme.  I’ve been known to throw in some fennel, turmeric and ginger, too.  Having a customized and easy-to-use blend of spices like these in your kitchen gives your food deep, rich flavor.  And, herbs like fennel, cumin, coriander, turmeric and ginger give your digestive system a boost.

I get my herbs and spices at HAALo in Nevada City (they’ll even help you formulate a yummy spice blend that’s right for you), or you can get yours at any organic foods store or spices at haaloherbal apothecary.

Spicy Scrambled Eggs

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: less than 5 minutes

Serves: 2


4 organic or pastured eggs (yolks will ideally be deep yellow or orange)
2 tblspoons Natural Value coconut milk or non-ultra pasteurized cream
big pinch real salt and black pepper
pinch kitchen spice blend
pinch red pepper flakes
1 tblspoon butter


Combine all ingredients and whisk well until the eggs and milk are well combined.

On a low/medium heat warm up a big spoonful of butter until melted.  Before adding egg mixture, put pinch of your spice blend and red pepper flakes in the pan with butter and let them simmer for approximately 2 minutes.  You will begin to smell the wonderful aroma of the spices as they warm.  Stir the spices in well with the butter.

Pour in egg mixture and stir continuously so that you get a fluffy scramble.  Let egg mix cook a bit longer if you want dry scrambled eggs, or a shorter time for moist.

Serve with avocado, a big hunk of your favorite cheese, and some spice blend sprinkled on top.
And don’t forget the salt!